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StarTimes ON - Live Football, TV, Movie & Drama

StarTimes ON - Live Football, TV, Movie & Drama

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Free TV u0026 Live Football Game, StarTimes Inc.
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StarTimes ON - Live Football, TV, Movie & Drama Android APP

Leading video app offers the best TV shows, dramas, films & live football.

StarTimes ON is Africa's leading video streaming service for watching live TV, TV episodes, movies, live sports and TV shows on your phone. Over 13million users worldwide have installed the app, which offers the best video watching experience anywhere, anytime. Get the free App and you can instantly watch thousands of international TV series, Hollywood blockbusters, local TV shows, latest breaking news and the most anticipated football match. Plus, with tons of children content, your kids are gonna love StarTimes ON as well.

Recently super popular TV drama: The Queen of Flow, now download and free to watch full episodes for unlimited times

StarTimes ON Key Offerings:

Live football match has been one of the best offerings of StarTimes ON, including, Europa League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Uganda Premier League, 2020 European Cup and the qualifiers, 2020/21 UEFA Nations League, FIBA Basketball World Cup China 2019, the 2022 Qatar World Cup European qualifiers, the European national team friendly match, FIBA Women's AfroBasket Senegal 2019 , Italian Cup and French League Cup.

StarTimes ON offers you more than 180 channels from breaking news, live TV shows, soccer match, kids programs, dramas and series to movies. Get the app and watch them ALL.

Get StarTimes ON and watch 2500+ high quality movies for FREE. From Nollywood to Hollywood, from Kong Fu to local dramas, StarTimes ON is covering all different types of movies like action, sci-fi, comedy, thrill, romance and horror. Get the app and watch them all.
Watch classic Kung Fu movies from Jacky Chen and Bruce Lee's exclusive on StarTimes ON.

StarTimes ON is committed to offer you the best entertainment. Therefore, we've been collecting the best dramas from the whole world. Asintado, Wild Flower, Waaris, Be My Lady, Double Kara, The Blood Sisters and more. Only available on StarTimes ON.

StarTimes ON also creates popular reality shows, including Hello, Mr, Right and Voice to Fame. With our app, you can also be updated with the latest news from both local and international news channels, including Bukedde TV News, France 24 News, Kenya News, BBC World News, Nigeria News and Africa News. The only step between you and the whole world is the app! So, what are you waiting for? Install it right away to enjoy the hottest news and always stay informed. 180+ channels are available on StarTimes ON.

We are thrilled to announce our new category called Short Videos, Where you can watch the most popular videos that went viral on the Internet. Funny cats & dogs, cute babies, crazy stunts, magic, cringe falls, hot ladies…

StarTimes ON is a family-friendly app. Your kids can also enjoy the best cartoons from worldwide, like Kung Fu Panda, SpongeBob and Bonnie Bears. We only pick the high quality and educational kids programs, so that your little ones can learn and enjoy in the same time.

Extra features:
1.400+ TV Guides. You can set up a reminder for your favourite football match, shows and movies.
2. Easy self-service to link your smart card, pay and top-up the bill with few taps. More importantly, 5% off only available on the App.
3. Share the app with your friends, earn enough coins and then exchange gifts.

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StarTimes ON is a true leading digital entertainment provider in Africa.
Install StarTimes ON Right NOW!

StarTimes - Live TV & Football
Watch sports and TV channels on your Android device

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