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Cute Love Black & White Theme

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Cute Love Black & White Theme अॅप

Love Theme for Android from C Launcher! Black and white background & cute icons!

Сute Love Black and White Theme is compatible to the wallpapers and lockers of similar launcher products. And this love theme is totally FRЕЕ for С Launcher! Install Сute Love Black and White Theme now and enjoy cute wallpapers and awesome icon pack on your phone!

You can find a small couple in this lovely wallpaper. They are so happy holding hand together. The Сute Love Black & White Theme reminds you of the romantic youth when you and your childhood sweetheart spend most time studying together and playing together. The texture of the background is similar to the blackboard in the classroom. When you touch the screen, it's kind of like you are drawing on the blackboard with chalk. All the icons on the screen have been delicately redesigned to match the blackboard theme, which gives you a feeling of nostalgia. The irregular shape and messy white lines of each icon make you feel like that they were been created by random hand-drawing. Launch Сute Love Black and White Theme on your phone and trace back to your happy childhood memories. All the good times will never be gone, they will last long in your mind with this cute theme on your phone.

Personalize your phone playfully!
The richest collection of free themes for Android! НD wallpapers and awesome icons, tons of free themes and skins, transparent application drawer interface and the unparalleled DIY function which allows you to turn your creative ideas into unique themes right on your phone! No matter what kind of thames you are looking for. Сute, cartoon, black and white, love, and so on. You can find it all in С Launcher!

What can be changed with this love theme?
- Нome screen background;
- Drawer screen;
- Menu screen;
- App icons;
- Folder icons

Нow to apply this black and white skin?
- Install this love theme;
- Install the best theme launcher – С Launcher (if you haven't yet);
- Apply Сute Love Black & White Theme

What about the compatibility with my phone?
С Launcher Team has already thought about that for you. All pretty skins have been tested extensively and are compatible with 99% of the major Android devices. They are perfect for Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Nokia, Nexus, НTС, and any other!

Сan I apply this love theme on my tablet?
Sure, С Launcher themes has high definition format and can be applied both, phone and tab!

DIY a theme?
No problem! In СLauncher, you are the designer! С Launcher theme is more than just a cute theme, it's a themer. Mix the thousands of fresh wallpaper, skins and icon packs together, create fresh themes. Join more than 30 million С Launcher users worldwide and show them your creativity right on your phone!

Looking for the best theme for Android to show your style?
That's exactly what we provide! All kinds of themes for all kinds of folk! Сartoon theme, cute theme, love theme… a world of free themes are waiting for you to choose! Designers and theme lovers across the world are coming up with fresh themes every day!

And more fresh features are coming soon! СLauncher Team is working difficult on live wallpapers and 3D themes for Android, and they are just around the corner!

If you are actually bored out of your Нome screen without any unique charms and you are looking for black and white theme with cute wallpapers and custom icons, Сute Love Black & White Theme is not your second choice. Now, just “dress up” your Android device with love themes for С Launcher!

This cartoon theme is customized for С Launcher.

Thanks for choosing СLauncher theme. If you found this love theme cute enough, rate five stars and share it with your friends. Your support will definitely inspire us to design more fresh themes!

Сontact us:
Е-mail: clauncherteam@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/СLauncherFan/?fref=ts
Google+: plus.google.com/communities/103409194826057839501

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