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ExtraVolumeConfig(Fine-tuning) अॅप

Emulate a volume that does not exist

It is an application to play an active part if you want to do is fine-tune the volume !
It is too big to too small If you lower one , and I on one !
I create a simulated volume that does not exist originally
You can also be used on non-root terminal!
※ It will be reflected in the sound all that out of the terminal
※ ( check GalaxyS2) that is reflected speech voice , shutter sound , even in the notification sound

- Function -
• Basic volume control setting
• Еxpansion volume control setting ( Main function)
• Functions to OFF advanced settings automatically during a call
• The shortcut to display settings in the notification bar
• The setting screen display function that does not screen transition

- Сonfirmed operation -
· Galaxy S2
· Nexus7

- Сaution -
*This application makes use of the Еqualizer function
*There is a possibility which harnesses when the interference is using the Еqualizer function in other apps , do the unexpected behavior
*There is a possibility that behaviour is significantly different by the terminal
*In addition , for damages resulting from the use of this application , it does not take any responsibility . After understanding , please use .
*It is possible that anti-virus system issues a warning by the use of Permission , but declares that I am not using for malicious programs

If an error occurs, it is very helpful and enjoy a notification to address the situation · twitter account of the contact. Please contact us feel free .


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