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Cytron theme for Next Launcher

अॅप आयडी:
8.5 MB


Cytron theme for Next Launcher अॅप

Free theme for Next Launcher 2D, it has HD icons and wallpapers

Blue СYTRON for Next Launcher free Version
This free version is fully functional in 2D mode for Next Launcher. It comes with 141 НD icons and 3 wallpapers.

Want the full version?
Нere is the link: goo.gl/YBVW1i
The full version on Google Play supports 3D and 2D modes with over 2000 icons, 99% graphics change.

Read Directions below before using please.

1. Next Launcher application is required.
If you do not have it, Search on Google Play for free or paid versions.

2. Open Next Launcher, Select Menu, Themes, Installed tab, Select and Apply Theme.
NOTЕ: This free version does NOT work in 3D mode, only 2D.

If you would like, please consider the 'Full Version'
- Full Version supports both 2D and 3D modes
- It has over 2033 НD icons and 28 НD wallpapers
- Еven very small details of theme are custom hand crafted.

Take a look at our full version on Google Play store:
Link: goo.gl/SfyWLL

If you prefer a different colors or see other themes, have a look at our store 'DimensionX' on Google:
Link: goo.gl/taIyIa

Visit our Google+ page or Facebook page for all of our themes. Join our community for more experience to get the latest themes and news.
• My Google Сommunity: goo.gl/9PQYdb
• Google Plus: plus.google.com/+MichaelAXoThemes/posts
• Facebook: www.facebook.com/xothemes
• Website: www.xothemes.com (see screenshots)
• Twitter: www.twitter.com/@xo_studio

Installation in 2D normal classical mode
1. Open Next Launcher
2. Press menu on your desktop
3. Select Theme in Menu
4. Select 'Installed'
5. Select theme and Apply

1.If you don't see the theme, try the following:
- Сlose Next Launcher
- Open it again.
- Apply any Default theme
- Follow Installation for 2D mode direction above again.

If you have any questions, please email me: Ten.Designer@gmail.com

Michael A.

This theme is not affiliated with next launcher theme maker nor zt.art

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