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इजिप्शियन नोकिया 320x240

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इजिप्शियन नोकिया 320x240 जावा गेम

After an immense earthquake the land lacks a ruler and discontent leads to blood battles among the tribes! The blood of the fallen awakens an ancient god and sends the lord of the scarabs, Khepera, back to earth! Its time for an alliance of the tribes to fight together against the forces of evil and to free the land! Its up to you to lead them and to accomplish a victory by using constructions, inventions and tactical warfare. You will even have to address the gods themselves to bring down the dark lord. Immerse yourself in an epic story about a forgotten realm and fight with all means against nightmarish creatures and the Scarab Lord himself! Long live Egypt! Its fate is in your hands!

- Tactical construction and strategy spectacle in ancient Egypt
- Dangerous mythical enemies
- Epic battles against the Scarab Lord and his minions
- Numerous buildings and units
- 25 thrilling levels with challenging boss fights
- Tech-tree for new construction possibilities
- Mobile units for tactical formations and movement orders
- 12 mighty gods for special abilities
- 3 varying landscapes to build on and explore
- Campaign- and Domination-Mode for missions or Open-End game
- Divine Highscore
- Atmospheric music and sounds

The game starts with the entry into your temple. From then on, buildings and units have to be placed to defend your kingdom! Furthermore, many buildings can be upgraded and inventions wait to be researched to defy the Scarab God. Conquer an area by defeating his armies in that specific area and your tribe can move on. At this point, your advancement will be saved and already upgraded and built constructions as well as inventions will be available in the future.
In "Domination Mode", you'll start on a randomly generated map and play until defeat. You get experience points for each defeated creature. Once you have a certain amount, you'll be able to erect an obelisk. The more points you have the more obelisks you can build. These define the maximum level of available special abilities, supplied by the gods. The use of those actions needs artefacts for payment that can be found in excavation sites.

working on:
Nokia c3-00
Nokia e5-00
Nokia e61
Nokia e61i
Nokia e61i-1
Nokia e62
Nokia e63
Nokia e71
Nokia e71-1
Nokia e72
Nokia x2-01
The Egyptians Nokia 320x240

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  • कडून : Reserved
  • फोन / ब्राउझर: NokiaX2-01


  • कडून : Sri Lanka
  • फोन / ब्राउझर: Dorado WAP-Browser

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