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रिव्हायवल नोकिया एस 60 3 320x240

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रिव्हायवल नोकिया एस 60 3 320x240 जावा गेम

Revival is a turn-based military strategy game in the tradition of the world-famous game title, Civilization. The player will have to explore continents, direct the battles on land and sea, build towns, develop the science and uphold the economical balance of his empire.
The game functions of Revival are at the level of high-quality strategy games for PC and console. The game combines features rare for mobile games, such as absolute freedom of actions, a variety of techniques, and the uniqueness of every strategical situation.
The games artificial intelligence (AI) deserves special mentioning. The program opponents follow the same rules as the player, share his conditions and compete with each other (up to six opponents). And, in spite of that, even the most experienced players will have to do their best to win.

Game features:

Game is designed in the tradition of of Sid Mayers Civilization.
Full-rate strategical gameplay turn-based tactics, resource quarrying, founding towns, upgrading buildings, land and sea battles, and even the units gather experience!
Modern economical model: you can buy and sell everything.
Immense game space: 7 planets, 27 continents, more than 600 game screens.
Great diversity: 4 types of towns, 21 type of military units, 25 types of town buildings, 27 types of terrain.
Scenario campaign consists of 13 missions which will take not less than 40 hours to win.
Very detailed tutorial. Amusing and humourous mentor.
Excellent artificial intellect, adjustable difficulty level, up to 6 non-player opponents.
You are an emissary of the Revival Age. Seven space clans are arguing on their rights of possessing every underdeveloped planet of this galaxy. You are at the front line of this war. You are a missionary, a warlord, a leader of nations. You personify progress, stability and wealth. Owing to your parti tion, the experience of multiple generations may be mastered within decades: where there are schools, there will be universities, smithies shall be reorganized to factories, and robotics, cloning and bio-synthesis shall be developed. But not a single path is without its difficulties.
You have rivals, the representatives of other clans. And every planet, every continent is becoming a battlefield of progress. Great tests await for the tribes of the planets on their way to prosperity, and they are ready to fight for their future. And you, the emissary, shall lead them in this struggle.

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Revival Nokia S60 3 320x240

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  • कडून : Reserved
  • फोन / ब्राउझर: SAMSUNG-GT-C3322i


  • कडून : Reserved
  • फोन / ब्राउझर: Dorado WAP-Browser


  • कडून : Reserved
  • फोन / ब्राउझर: NativeOperaMini(Spreadtrum


  • कडून : Reserved
  • फोन / ब्राउझर: Mozilla


  • कडून : Reserved
  • फोन / ब्राउझर: Mozilla


  • कडून : Reserved
  • फोन / ब्राउझर: Videocon V1390


  • कडून : Reserved
  • फोन / ब्राउझर: NativeOperaMini(Spreadtrum

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