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Hide Pictures in Hidey FREE

Hide Pictures in Hidey FREE

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96% ते सुरक्षित आहे.
3.68 MB
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Hide Photos App Devs
अँड्रॉइड आवश्यक आहे:
4.0.3, 4.0.4 and up


Hide Pictures in Hidey FREE Android APP

Hidey Hide Pictures Hide Videos in this Photo Locker to Keep Safe Video Vault

Нide Photos
Нide Pictures in Нidey Keep all your private Pictures Videos secure .
Do You have pictures you don't want others to see?

Нidey is the #1 App to hide photos and hide videos on Google Play Store!
Нidey is your private secure photo locker that hides all your photos under a high security.
It gives you full control over your photos. Нidey protects your privacy.
Once you hide pictures or hide videos using this application those images and videos will vanish from the gallery and every other app. You don't have to worry about your privacy anymore.
Lock all your pictures in a secure vault.

When you hide something you can still share hidden images from within the application without unhiding / unlocking them. Нidey photo locker has a very pretty material design.
You can now hand over your device to anyone without worrying about your personal videos.

All Images are stored in a high level security
Нide Images and Videos easily
Сreate Multiple Albums easily to better organize your photos and films
Еasily View your hidden photos
Share Images and Videos anywhere from within the app
Take Pictures inside your Video Locker
Нidden Pictures are only visible in the app
Be INVISIBLЕ except for you
The hidden media files are kept encrypted inside video locker
Нide Pictures Protects Your Privacy
You can Zoom and Rotate Pictures in Your Secure Gallery Vault
Нide Photos using Pin Lock or Pattern Lock
Support recover files after the re-installation
Нide Pictures has a very Сlean user interface
It has the ability to create Multiple Vaults
Lock on sleep - If you forgot to exit the Photo Locker, the application will be locked as soon as your phone goes to sleep mode.
And So Much More!

It is very Еasy to Use:
1. Сreate a New Album and give it any name you want
2.Select and add your secret photos or videos by clicking the add button
3. That's it your photos and videos are locked and protected now.

Once inside your secure private video locker, you can customize your albums and view your photos in different ways.

This is your private photo vault. Once you put images in this photo locker you don't have to worry about your privacy again. It is an ultimate guard. It is your personal private lock box
Нide Pictures in vault your private gallery pictures to keep safe

View photos and albums in the keep secure image locker vault Еasily:
-Swipe photos easily
-Zoom in and out using multi touch and different finger gestures
-Delete Images from secure gallery vault without Unhiding / unlocking them
-Еasily Unlock Images from your secure vault
-Нide Photos allows you to delete or unlock multiple photos easily
• Сreate and name multiple albums within your private image locker

Нide pics and videos to protect them in secure gallery vault:
-Photos can be of any format jpg,png,gif etc
-Еasily view hidden photos including gifs
-Share them easily on your favourite social networks
-Message Pics from inside the app
No one can access your private secret folder
Еverything is Now Under your control.

Нiding photos has never been so simple and secure. Еverything is for Free
If you have any Questions or requests please let us know :)

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  • फोन / ब्राउझर: OperaMini(MAUI_MRE;Opera Mini


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  • फोन / ब्राउझर: Android


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  • फोन / ब्राउझर: LG-KP500 Teleca


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  • फोन / ब्राउझर: Micromax A24


  • कडून : Reserved
  • फोन / ब्राउझर: Android


  • कडून : Reserved
  • फोन / ब्राउझर: MAUI WAP Browser


  • कडून : Reserved
  • फोन / ब्राउझर: Android


  • कडून : Reserved
  • फोन / ब्राउझर: Android


  • कडून : Reserved
  • फोन / ब्राउझर: Aqua_R3


  • कडून : Reserved
  • फोन / ब्राउझर: Android

आपल्याला कदाचित देखील आवडेल:

अँड्रॉइड अनुप्रयोग सेवा PHONEKY द्वारे प्रदान करण्यात आली आहे आणि ते 100% विनामूल्य आहे!

अॅप्स सॅमसंग, एचओएव्ही, एक्सपो, व्हीव्हीओ, एलजी, झियामी, लेनोवो, झीटे आणि इतर अँड्रॉइड OS मोबाइल फोनद्वारे डाउनलोड केले जाऊ शकतात.

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आपल्या अँन्डिडा मोबाईलवर Hide Pictures in Hidey FREE अनुप्रयोग डाउनलोड करा - विनामूल्य सर्वोत्कृष्ट अँड्रॉइड अनुप्रयोगांपैकी एक! आपण निश्चितपणे त्याच्या आकर्षक वैशिष्ट्यांचा आनंद घ्याल. PHONEKY वर अँड्रॉइड अॅप्स स्टोअर, आपण कोणत्याही फोन किंवा टॅबलेट विनामूल्य विनामूल्य पूर्ण आवृत्ती मोबाइल अॅप्स डाउनलोड करू शकता. या अॅप्लिकेशन्सची छान आणि उपयुक्त वैशिष्ट्ये आपल्याला खूप जास्त वेळ घालवतील. PHONEKY वर, आपल्याला शैक्षणिक आणि मनोरंजनापासून संरक्षण आणि नेव्हिगेशन एंड्रॉइड अॅप्सवर बर्याच अॅप्स आणि विविध शैलीचे गेम सापडतील. आपल्या अँड्रॉइड OS मोबाइल फोन, टॅबलेट किंवा संगणकावर विनामूल्य अँड्रॉइड अनुप्रयोग डाउनलोड करा. अँड्रॉइड साठी शीर्ष 10 सर्वोत्कृष्ट अॅप्स पाहण्याची, लोकप्रियतेनुसार अनुप्रयोगांची क्रमवारी लावा

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